How VPN works and how to use it?
Look at this simple diagram to understand how VPN hides your IP.
Your device talks only to VPN server and makes no direct contact with other websites.
VPN acts as your middle man. It gets page you need and delivers back to you hiding your real IP at the same time.
Website only sees VPN's IP and doesn’t know that you get the page. This way you can bypass any IP and GEO restrictions and watch content you need.

VPN helps you unblock Hulu.com

In this example you can see the effect of using HideMyAss VPN service. Unless you change your IP to US server, you can’t watch any clip from Hulu.com.
Without VPN
With VPN enabled, you can watch Hulu clips from anywhere in the world.
VPN works with: mobile phonestablets, laptops, gaming consoles, smart tv's and of course personal computers.

How to use VPN on your mobile or computer?

To use VPN, you need to get VPN subscription and run special application on your computer or other device to change your IP. All VPN service providers have their custom programs and apps for various devices.
Below you can see how to launch and configure HideMyAss VPN client on mobile and computer.

Once you have installed VPN app on your mobile device or tablet, there are only 3 steps to use VPN.

1. Find VPN app icon on your phone desktop
2. Select preferred server location and click connect
3. After few seconds you are connected and your IP changes. Any browser or app on your device now use this IP for internet connection.

Using VPN on your PC is also very simple

1. Start VPN client from your desktop
2. Go to country selection and choose server you want to connect
3. Go back to dashboard and click “Connect to VPN”
4. After few seconds, you will connect to VPN server
5. You can see your real and new IP address in the dashboard. From this point you can start watching Hulu or other content using any browser on your computer.
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