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Overplay may not have all the bells and whistles like other VPN providers, but it surely belongs to top 10 VPN list. You can choose IPs from 48 countries worldwide (see below) and also try SmartDNS service. Overplay supports all popular devices: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox360, Apple TV, DD-WRT and Tomato routers. Desktop software is extremely simple to setup and IP changing is a breeze. One of the lowest prices. For about 5 bucks you can enjoy the freedom and security a good VPN can offer.

Overplay desktop client. Minimal and simple design.
Supported devices:


You can feel safe with Overplay as it is one of those VPN providers that doesn't log your activity.


What separates Overplay from other VPN providers is additional SmartDNS service. It allows you to connect various devices through DNS gateway and improve streaming speed because high level encryption is not needed.
SmartDNS works on PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Games Console and even your Smart TV. Buying Overplay subscription you get 2 deals for 1 price VPN + SmartDNS. Isn’t that great?


If you want to squeeze every last bit of speed while streaming movies, music or other media Smart DNS comes to the rescue. As we mentioned earlier, SmartDNS does not encrypt data so you can watch content at fastest speeds possible. Keep in mind that overall speed is determined by your distance from VPN server, encryption type, your own connection type (Wifi or Wired).


Overplay is one of the cheapest VPN providers in the industry. For as little as $4.95 you can enjoy internet freedom and great content from all over the world without restrictions. Shortest billing period is 1 month but we suggest go straight to 12 month subscription because of huge total savings. Other billing periods (3 month, 6 month) are also available. Remember, that when you buy Overplay VPN service, you also get SmartDNS service.

Customer support:

If you ever need help with something Overplay have great knowledge base on their site which covers most often problems. If that is not enough, they will gladly respond to your email or give advice on their social accounts at Facebook and Twitter.

Ease of Use:

OverPlay is easy to use and you can set your computer in a few minutes.  Desktop client is so simple that you can’t make any mistakes. The SmartDNS service does not even need any software. All configurations are done in the network settings.
The only thing we missed while testing this VPN provider was no Android App. To set up VPN on your Android device you have to use default VPN settings. They can be hard to find because every phone has different layout and we think App will help to connect even faster.
Overplay recently launched new feature called JetSwitch Setup. It allows you to preselect different settings for different services. For example, at the same time you can watch Hulu in US region and browse Amazon.co.uk in UK location. This saves you time because you don’t have to tweak settings every time you need to switch IP locations.

Countries with servers:

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