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HideMyAss is one of the best known and most popular VPN services available online. Established in the United Kingdom in 2005, HideMyAss has grown to become the largest of proxy clients with more than 100,000 IP addresses across 151 countries. Recognized by Software Informer, SC Awards and the majority of tech-publications – the British service offers both paid and free services to encompass the needs of all internet users. With a company policy of expansion, new servers are added on almost a weekly basis and the HideMyAss shows no signs of slowing down. An active community based around the VPN helps to keep it one step ahead of the competition in developing innovative features to outstrip its rivals.


HideMyAss’ market-leading VPN is at the front of the class for 2 reasons: outstanding usability and unparalleled protection. Responding to criticism about its habit of logging IPs, the company responded by introducing the unique ‘Secure IP Binding’ feature which heightens security for P2P users and sharers. IP addresses are assigned dynamically to increase security and high levels of encryption are guaranteed for the duration of a session for full anonymous browsing. The standalone client can be ported on a USB key to be used in mobile locations or on unsecured networks, or accessed through the HideMyAss website itself.


HideMyAss began life as a standalone proxy service, enabling users to surf anonymously and access websites blocked in their geographical region. This feature remains at the core of the product, but it has since been joined by a whole host of new features. These features make the package an overall security platform allowing people to remain safe and secure online. Alongside the original encrypted VPN service, HideMyAss now also boasts the world’s most complete database of public open proxies, anonymous e-mail function, secure file upload and anonymous referral software. Bandwidth and traffic are unlimited across all VPN connections, feted for their stability and speed. The aforementioned Secure IP Binding tool is unique to HideMyAss and is one of the only dedicated P2P security suites to rise in response to the US war on torrents. HideMyAss has servers in most major countries around the world and operates a wide range of protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, SSTP and more.


The HideMyAss client has built-in tools to test the speed of different servers in different locations, enabling users the ability to pinpoint the best performing options without having to connect to them. You can switch between servers within seconds and without any loss of data security during the process. The server map allows users to make a distinction between the distances of different IP addresses which is useful for Pan-European or Pan-American connections. User testing has shown that there are almost always multiple options to connect to for ‘high speed browsing’ – a term given to connections which lose less than 10% of their speed. Across the board, HideMyAss speeds are more than sufficient for most online tasks – from streaming and gaming to downloading and uploading.


HideMyAss has won plaudits and popularity through its entirely free web proxy, facilitated through the website itself. To browse anonymously and unlock websites, the free web proxy is more than sufficient. For users with a higher remit of needs, the Pro VPN is HideMyAss’ paid package and encompasses all of its features for a low cost monthly fee. Starting at $11.52 per month, users can pay in bi-annual instalments to lower the price to $8.33 per month or annually to get a $6.55 per month rate. Businesses and bulk account customers can enquire to get a bespoke pricing structure. Pro VPN is subject to a generous 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Support:

The active community throughout the HideMyAss forums is one of the most engaging VPN discussions on the internet, giving the British-service a fantastic reputation for customer support without having to act upon it themselves. However, the official channels of support are staffed by highly qualified and knowledgeable staff that can be reached across e-mail, live chat and phone. During working hours – live chat and phone support are almost instantly answered; even e-mails are normally resolved within an hour. The UK phone line is a toll-free number staffed between 9am – 5pm GMT.

Ease of Use:

The HideMyAss’ desktop client is one of the cleanest and most intuitive examples of VPN software on the market. Connection can be made with one click, as can switches between IP addresses, countries and protocols. Signing up for an account is easy and simple – the username and password can be used to log in to any HideMyAss client anywhere in the world. Overall, it’s no surprise that HideMyAss has dominated the VPN industry for almost a decade and there’s no indication that it’s going to lose that position any time soon. Unerring community and customer support, weekly innovation of services and incredibly affordable pricing all combine to make HideMyAss the best option available.

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